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Bathroom Clean Up Game

4.8 ( 1488 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Семейные Ролевые игры
Разработчик Liza Lebrillo

It’s time to clean up the mess in My Bathroom.

This decorating game will definitely challenge your designer skills in order to create a beautiful bathroom that would have the touch of your unique style. Learn how you should be taking appropriate care of a room so you could keep it clean and with a refreshing new aspect. To be able to design the area you need to clean it right away. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you can move to the next step. There are certain phases you have to mark on the list to make a better place.

First, you have to make sure you eliminate that stinky garbage that is spread all over the bathroom. Use the tools you have and try to make each task in the way it should be done. There are another cleaning activities on there and to be able to reach the decoration part you must go through all of them. Clean the bath tube the sink and the toilet because there is where the most bacteria is gathered.

When the cleaning part is over you go straight to the step where your creativity and imagination